Re-Creation USA travels all across America, to all 50 states, performing for our nation’s heroes who are in V.A. hospitals. When we host the group, it not only helps hospitalized veterans, but it gives us a great opportunity to invite others to come see a special program at our church.   For more information on Re-Creation, check out their website

 Re-Creation Is Coming!

Re-Creation typically visits HUM twice yearly.  Look for them in May and in December with their Christmas show.  Once dates are released, tickets are available in the church office, and only cost $5.00.

If you’ve seen them before, you know that you would pay $50.00 or more to go see a show like this somewhere.   We keep the tickets at that price in the hope that our congregation will simply buy tickets at that low price and give them to family and friends to invite them to come.

Make a point to mark your calendars and don’t miss it!   Remember, this benefits hospitalized veterans!   What an incredible mission this group has to perform across America for our country’s hospitalized veterans!