Youth Groups (Middle & High School)


When do we get together & what do we do when we’re there?

  • Church- 10:00am Sunday – Worship
  • Sunday School (In the Youth Room)  – 11:15-12:15am, Learning about the Bible
  • Sunday Nights- 5:30pm-7:00pm, Hanging out, eating dinner, bible study, playing games.
  • Wednesday Nights (October-March) 5:30pm-7pm  Working on Mission projects & talking about today’s major issues.   Free dinner at 5:30pm.
  • Special Events (see below)   There is also a bulletin board in the youth room of all upcoming events & sign-up sheets.

Things we do:

  • Learn about God, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.   Through Bible study, discussions & personal experiences we want your child to be educated in how the world works and how God wants us to behave.
  • Have Fun!   There is so much joy in this world & experiencing that joy is a good thing!    God wants us to laugh and play and enjoy life!
  • Mission. Furthering God’s Kingdom through doing things in his name for other people.   Whether it’s a local or global mission, it’s all important!
  • Fundraise.   Times are tough.   We want to do as many things as possible with this group and fundraising helps defray those costs.
  • Encourage others to join us!  

Interested in joining or  helping? We would love to have you!   Please contact the church office at 330-856-3463 for more information!

Special Events Coming up:


Please Mark Your Calendars Now!!