Tiger Backpack Food

Tiger Backpack Food Program

Howland United Methodist’s Tiger Backpack Mission project started in 2013 and has already reached it’s goal of serving all 3 of Howland’s Elementary Schools, the Intermediate, and the Junior High School!  It is designed to help provide food for food insecure children in grades K-8 in Howland Local Schools.  The children are given 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and a snack on the last school day of every school week to help God’s children have food to eat on the weekends.  One in five children in every classroom goes hungry, especially on the weekend when there are no school lunches.

At the present time we are serving over 300 kids each week.  The cost for each child each week is $5.00 per child, over $1,500.00 per week and over $52,000.00 a year!  We are very blessed to have a church that provides space, food and monetary support as well as the Howland schools and community.  We also apply for grants when available like The Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation awarded us $15,000.00 in 2017, which helped to make it possible to offer better nutritional items for the kids each week. This organization is run completely by volunteers and relies solely on donations. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

If you are led help this mission be a successful outreach, please do one or more of the 3 things listed below.

  1. Donate financially by writing a check made out to Howland United Methodist Church and ear mark it for The Tiger Backpack Mission Project or donate online with E-Giving
  2. Donate food items for our weekly deliveries or shop our Amazon Wishlist. { See full food list below}
  3. Pack/Delivery food weekly. Packing is at 4:30pm on Thursdays and delivery is at 10:00am on Fridays.  Please let Lannie know if you can help. {there are times the schools schedule change so be sure to check the dates on the bulletin board in the narthex each week.}

If you know of some person or agency that might help, please contact Stephanie Schoening by calling the church or reach out via email.

 Tiger Food Backpack Mission Food List

Cereal boxes, individual

Apple sauce, cups

Fruit cups, individual

Jello cups with fruit

Mac/cheese, individual

Soup cups, no metal tops

Pasta cups, any kind

Rice-a-Rona Chicken Dinner

Cracker packs, any flavor

Ramen noodles, any flavor

Raisins/cranraisins boxes

Cups of Vegetables, individual

Nutrition/breakfast bars

Peanut butter, individual servings

Jelly, individual packets

Oatmeal packs

No metal tops

All packages with individual servings

Thank you for helping to feed God’s precious children!