Our Program


Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn through play; therefore, play becomes their work. The HUM Christian Preschool is a stimulating and creative environment for children. We designed our curriculum and activities to teach important educational and motor skills intended to develop children socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Our program strives to instill each child with a sound Christian moral compass, essential for a lifetime of decisions.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a faith-based program of the teachings of Jesus and a wide range of educational and enrichment activities. Children learn within a well-structured, well-planned environment. The daily schedule includes the following activities:
Floor Shapes RugCircle Time: This is generally one of the first activities of the day. This is the time when the child finds his/her place on the carpet and the day is started with prayer. During this time there are discussions about the weather, the calendar, the weekly Bible verse as well as a guided story from the teacher. This is a very important time during the dayPlay Kitchen as your children are developing their language and listening skills.

Activity Time: This is a time when the child may choose paint, clay, blocks, trains, cars, books, puzzles, the kitchen corner, or a variety of other activities. It is a time when each child makes his/her own choice of an activity and choice of playmates.

ChalkboardLanguage Time: This is a period carefully guided by the teacher, when ideas are exchanged and discussion occurs about adventures, friends, Jesus, etc. The child will learn finger plays and learn to listen and respond to others.dominoes snack1506610_10203827367259235_4838820629117510184_n

Snacks: The children have a healthy snack time each day. They learn to serve, share, and practice good manners. We say or sing a prayer before eating.

Playground: The children will play outdoors when weather permits. When the weather prohibits our outdoor play, the children have a large indoor space filled with fun stuff to encourage gross motor development. Children will not be taken outside when the temperature (Playground 3wind chill and heat index factored in) drops below 32 degrees or rises above 90 degrees.Playroom 1



 MUSIC: A music teacher will lead a music lesson each week. The children will learn songs about Jesus, fun songs, “Go on Bear Hunts” and occasionally use rhythm instruments…BoomWhackers are their favorites!  In addition, classroom teachers love to incorporate musical activities into their lesson plans!
 WORSHIP: Once a week all of the classes join Miss Janel in the Sanctuary for a Bible story and lesson.  She does a lot of amazing things to get the Bible story across to the kids!  Puppet shows, carving pumpkins, poems, songs…you never know what she will do next!
LIBRARY : Classrooms visit the Preschool Library typically once a week to check out books! There are over 2000 books the children can choose from in many different categories.  The teachers also have use of a listening center.Books

Special Activities & Field Trips: Harvest parties, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas party, Valentine party, P.J. parties, and Easter celebrations are some of our special activities. We also take outings to the fire station, pumpkin patch, public library, grocery store, and apple orchard to give your child a greater appreciation of his/her community.