For Our Parents



A child is considered to be enrolled in HUM Christian Preschool if the following conditions are met:

The completed Application and Registration Fee must be received. The director has confirmed the availability of space. The Child Enrollment and Health form must be received no later than the 1st day of school or your child will not be able to attend class. The Child Medical Statement form must be signed by a physician or certified nurse practitioner and must be submitted within 30 days of admission and updated every 13 months.

General Information for Parents

  • Children should wear comfortable clothing they can get around in easily.Legos
  • All outdoor clothing should labeled.
  • Each child should have a preschool book bag with his/her name on the inside or outside. Please no backpacks with wheels.
  • If you have volunteered to help, please make arrangements for your younger children. Adult helpers only, no siblings.
  • If you have volunteered to help but your schedule has changed, please be sure to find your own replacement.
  • If you are making a change in the volunteer schedule, please be sure the teacher is aware of the change.
  • When a child’s clothing needs to be changed, the staff member will take care of the problem with another adult present.
  • Do not be embarrassed if your child misbehaves on the day you are in the classroom. Children often overreact to your presence and are not willing to share your attention.
  • All parents are required to provide a healthy snack, drink, and any paper products on a specified day each month for the class.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate whenever possible in the activities at the preschool. All parents have unlimited access to areas of the building used for preschool during the hours of operation.
  • If coming to the preschool between drop off and pick up times you must come in through the front church office doors and contact the preschool office upon entering the church before going to your child’s classroom.
  • All preschool doors are unlocked 10 minutes before and relocked 10 minutes after all starting and ending times of classes. This is done automatically to help ensure the safety of your children.
  • Ask your child about his/her day at preschool and share his new experience with him.
  • A parent roster may only include the parent or guardian who has signed the enrollment application. Only their phone number will be included. The state does not permit class rosters that publish a child’s name.

Other Information

The Preschool strictly observes a peanut/nut-free environment. No food containing peanut or nut products is brought into the church at any time.

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